Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Parcel sent

I sent off a parcel of jackets, hats etc. to Brigid, for Kisiizi this morning.

Notice that they are displayed on my lovely new conservatory floor!
I completed this set with the addition of hat and bootees, about a one year old size..........
.........and found some attractive buttons for the jacket, which are also easy to use, important when you are dressing children. Some fancy buttons are too awkwardly shaped to go through buttonholes easily.

The weather has been appalling the last few days, although this area has not had the bad flooding some places have. I'm unlikely to suffer floods anyway, being on a hill.


Steph said...

Great FOs - has that used up some of your stash?

RooKnits said...

They are very cute! I'm still to attempt the BSJ

Brigid said...

Sorry I have been slow acknowledging the save arrival of the clothes. They are absolutely beautiful. Knitting of a very high order! Thank you very very much.