Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Parcel sent

I sent off a parcel of jackets, hats etc. to Brigid, for Kisiizi this morning.

Notice that they are displayed on my lovely new conservatory floor!
I completed this set with the addition of hat and bootees, about a one year old size..........
.........and found some attractive buttons for the jacket, which are also easy to use, important when you are dressing children. Some fancy buttons are too awkwardly shaped to go through buttonholes easily.

The weather has been appalling the last few days, although this area has not had the bad flooding some places have. I'm unlikely to suffer floods anyway, being on a hill.

Thursday, June 21, 2007


Just about recovered from my visit to Gardener's World Live last week. I found walking around for about five hours, extremely exhausting. There were actually three shows, Good Food and Good Homes as well as the gardening show, too much to see in one visit. I did see some conservatory blinds I liked, but no furniture.
I'm afraid the ASJ is in the waiting area at the moment as I'm making a few small things for Kisiisi as light relief, and to use more of the stash, which seems to get no smaller.
I've completed another BSJ, double knitting, approx. 20" chest. I love the way this has turned out; the joy of this pattern is the way each garment is so different from the others, and you're never quite sure how it will look.

Now I have to find some suitable buttons.

I also have some tiny jackets, for the smallest babies, and hope to make a few hats.

The flooring in the conservatory is being fitted on Monday, so disruption again for a while.

Not much done in the garden this week, due to the wet weather, but here are a couple of pictures.

Peony Sarah Bernhardt, and Rose New Dawn.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

June Garden

The garden is recovering from the ravages of the builders and looking at its best.

I'm afraid these days, due to lack of time and energy, my gardening has been of the 'studied neglect' variety. The principle is to pack 'em in tightly so the weeds don't have a chance to grow. In the past I've also planted a lot of 'thugs', like the Golden Marjoram, which has seeded everywhere and overpowered more delicate plants.

Still no flooring in the conservatory, but we did manage to eat Sunday lunch in there this week.

I'm off to Gardeners World Live tomorrow, which this year is incorporating a Good Homes show, so I may see some conservatory furniture I like.

Friday, June 08, 2007


I've just completed socks for Steven and see on his blog that Colin has been using the same yarn and colourway!

The ASJ is getting very unwieldy now, so I need socks for when I KIP.

The jacket is now on two 40 inch circulars and I am about to start the body extension. It is starting to look like a jacket.

I haven't blogged for a while as life has been quite busy. It was good to meet up with Rose and Steph (briefly back in the Midlands) at Fiona's house last week, but sad that I had to leave early due to an unscheduled visit by workmen ( why do they never choose a convenient time to come?) The flooring in the conservatory should be fitted soon, then I can start to consider furnishings. I also have to get window blinds.