Tuesday, May 27, 2008


I've finished off a baby jacket which has been hanging around for a while. I haven't really enjoyed this project, but wanted to try the EZ February Jacket. The yarn seemed too heavy for a lace pattern (Elle pure wool DK) and the colour wrong for such a 'girly' pattern. However it is going for charity and I'm sure the recipient won't care, as long as it is warm!

I've also finished the knitting on my 1940's school pullover but it still needs blocking, pressing and sewing up. The yarn was some ancient lamb's wool on a cone which was free from Texere when they were having a clear out a while ago. It feels quite 'itchy' but hopefully will soften up after a wash.

And finally, for Roo, the bluebells were in Park Coppice, a small wood near Colton Hills school.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


I see I have had another long gap between postings. In that two weeks we have gone from winter to summer, one week central heating on and winter coats, the next almost a heatwave! I've had a friend staying, so we took the opportunity to get out and about. We visited the local bluebell wood, always beautiful in May. Unfortunately, I thought we could take a short cut through the school grounds, only to find the gate at the other end locked, so we had to go the long way round after all.

On the May day bank holiday, we visited Moseley Old Hall where there should have been dancing round the Maypole but the grass was too wet after rain in the morning so the dancing was in the barn. You will see that the Maypole is decorated in the old way, with flowers, apparently decoration with ribbons was a later, Victorian custom.

And what do you know, the Noro socks are finished and are a matched pair! Not yet worn so I can't comment on how they are in use.

Lots of things on the go, including some crochet, so more to show later.