Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Back again

I can't believe it is over a month since I last updated. Time just flew away. Well, here is a post for my loyal readers, ( if I still have any!)

Life has been pretty busy as I've had no respite carers for Steven. We both had colds but are now recovered. I did manage an evening out last month at a cousin's golden wedding celebration, which was very enjoyable. Congratulations Sheila and Roy.

The knitting needless to say has continued, not much else to do stuck at home. I'm still knitting for Loving Hands. I like this charity as they always have a variety of recipients, babies, older children, adults or animals, take your pick. Sadly, Lou, the founder and organiser of the group has had a terrible accident and is at present in intensive care. We are still knitting but holding on to our contributions for the time being. I did manage to send these off before I heard. They are going back to Africa with the
Singing Children.

The triplets have arrived and are now at home and doing well. Here are the jackets I made for Joseph, Elliott and Noah. I used sock yarn, silk and wool.

I've now been tempted by another project. More about this in my next post, whenever I get round to writing it. It has taken me a week to get this one posted! Blame the hot weather, I'm just not used to it, and Steven has been pretty gloomy about it too.