Thursday, January 31, 2008

Treasured Post

Look what the postman brought this morning! First, the latest edition of Yarn Forward. I've been pondering whether to renew my subscription, not sure that I can stand the tension of wondering if and when my copy will arrive! The patterns are very knit- and wear-able and the articles interesting and informative. So on balance, I think I will renew.

This book also arrived.

I've had the First and Second Treasuries since the 1970s. I'd borrowed them from the library and mentioned how much I would like my own copies. My father, bless him, got them me for Christmas, not so easy in those days ordering from America. They have been invaluable over the years and, being hardbacks, have worn well. Not sure that this paperback will survive as well.
And finally, I don't think I've posted a picture of Woolly before. She followed me home from the Birmingham Christmas Market where she was a member of quite a large flock on one of the stalls.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

1940s again

I went along to Bantock house the other day and had a chat to the person who organises the 1940's events. She is very keen to have a selection of clothes for visiting school parties to see and dress up in. I'm going to knit a few things for her starting with these socks...........

I'm also hoping to make a pullover and a selection of hats.

This was my inspiration, myself aged five. Everything handmade. Socks, knitted by Grandma R. jumper by Grandma W. Skirt made by Auntie ( except she left the pins in round the hem. I kept complaining that it scratched but my mother didn't realise until she washed it!) Even the cane chair was made by Grandpa.
Lastly, I spotted these Cyclamen Coum yesterday, just about surviving in my lawn.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Back again

My apologies to any readers of this Blog but blogging time has been somewhat reduced recently due to my preoccupation with this...........
Of course, if I wasn't the world's worst procrastinator, it would have been completed and sent off months ago and I wouldn't have had to do my own calculations. Hopefully, I'm on the last leg now and can post it with a clear conscience.
Now to something more pleasant, socks for Steven. These are in K2 P2 rib so are taking a little longer than plain SS.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year !

Well, I'm through to the other side of the festivities. There has been little time for blogging with members of the extended family dropping in for short or long stays. Also Steven has had no Day Care for a week and his respite carers have been off sick. Hopefully we will be back to normal ( whatever that is ) tomorrow.
It is very rare that I get any fibre related gifts, but this Christmas was an exception. That beautiful cashmere is crying out to be a scarf ...........

......... and just look at these wonderful handmade stitch markers from Yuca.
Now the Festive knitting is finished I can continue with my 1940's project. I've cast on for a balaclava helmet from Practical Knitting Illustrated by Jane Koster and Margaret Murray published in 1940. I've substituted DK for the 4ply in the pattern and seem to be getting the right tension. I think 4ply was thicker in those days and 3ply was more like our 4ply. The wool is actually more khaki than it looks in the photo.