Sunday, November 25, 2007

Sunday morning

I've plenty to do knitting-wise for Christmas, but that hasn't stopped me from starting another pair of vintage bootees. These are the patterns I've been using.

And what better occupation for a Sunday morning than a cup of coffee, knitting and the Archers.

Monday, November 19, 2007


........... has arrived with our first snowfall last night. Luckily, it has mostly melted now so hasn't disrupted Steven going to day care. It doesn't take much to do this as the transport cannot get down my steep drive if it is covered by snow.
I'm getting on with Christmas knitting but nothing to show at the moment as most things are unbloggable.
Instead here are some pictures of a recent visit to Coventry. The shopping was very disappointing, no yarn that I could see, but did visit the Cathedral. These pictures were taken in the old cathedral which was destroyed in WW2.


As I was composing this post, look what the postman brought!

This means a good sit down and browse with a cup of coffee.

Friday, November 09, 2007

Stash enhancement

Yesterday, I spent the day at the NEC Hobbycraft show. I volunteered for a couple of hours on the Knit and Natter stand, but didn't have the opportunity to teach anyone to knit. Most visitors knew how to knit already and there were no school parties. The yarn content of the show was minimal but I did make a modest addition to stash. My sock yarn is being used rapidly, so a visit to Web of Wool was essential. The yarn top right contains Bamboo.
I also bought this pack of Jaeger 4ply in the hope, probably vain, that I might get round to making something for myself. The colour is more of a grey/green than it appears in the photo.

And finally, these bootees which are heading off up to Scotland for Lou's Loving Hands charity.
The patterns are from some 1960's Patons and Sirdar leaflets. Somehow, modern patterns are so simplified and crude in comparison. Also, the yarns used nowadays are far thicker and must be heavy and uncomfortable for the babies to wear.

Friday, November 02, 2007

Some FOs

Quite a lot of knitting has been going on but not much finishing. Because I hate sewing up, much of it is still in this state............

However, socks need little completing, so these are now in a wearable condition. Yarn was Regia Design Line by Faffe Fassett. I think I would have prefered the colourway without the royal blue.

I've also made a couple of BSJs and matching hats for charity, also needing little seaming.

The yarn was oddments of acrylic from my stash which I am trying to use up without much success, I'm sure it's breeding!
Now something not knitting related. I unearthed the larger of these quilts when I was clearing a space for yarn. I'd had quite forgotten it but think it makes an attractive throw. It must be over twenty years ago that these were made.