Friday, November 28, 2008

Christmas Knitting

I thought I was well ahead with my present knitting this year until someone requested gloves. Note that, gloves. With fingers. Definitely not mittens. Not something I have tackled before as far as I can remember, and especially not a month before Christmas. However I'm always up for a challenge so these have been cast on and this is progress so far............

Not television knitting, lots of stitch counting, picking up stitches etc. The fact that I'm using bits from three different patterns doesn't help.

I've also had a frustrating time with my computer lately. Got a bug of some sort which my virus checker didn't pick up making it impossible to use Google, just got a load of advertising. I had to restore right back to August to get rid of it. Then my wireless keyboard and mouse refused to comunicate with the computer which left me in a fix but luckily I found an old plug in mouse which worked and finally got this sorted. My Email is also a bit iffy and I'm not sure that my messages are getting to the right places.

Ah well, back to the knitting, at least it's easy to frog if things go wrong.

Saturday, November 01, 2008

Another post

What's this? Another post so soon? Maybe I'm getting back into the habit of posting.

I got several balls of this

reduced in Rackhams (HOF) in Birmingham the other day and have made two hats for BISS
who have a Woolly Hat week each year. I'm sending them via Loving hands who have them as one of their winter challenges.

They should be very warm being Wool and alpaca. The pattern was an old Patons pattern, which I adapted to knitting in the round to avoid sewing up, and got both hats from three balls.

Finally, a couple of pics from my autumn garden. The passion flower is doing better than it has all summer and even has a couple of fruits which considering the dire summer is quite surprising.

and this rose, Bonica from David Austin, is doing very well.