Saturday, October 29, 2005

Half Term

Not much time for anything this week as Steven's off school. On Thursday we visited the daycare placement that has become available. He was very relaxed and seemed to enjoy himself. He met two young people who used to be at school with him and greeted them with a smile, so I think there was recognition there.
I'm having very little time for the garden these days and have had to resort to paying someone to cut the grass - oh the shame of it!
I've managed a little time to knit but, as I have the concentration of a gnat at the moment, only small projects. I've started a Knitted Babe from the free Rowan pattern, possibly destined for a Christmas present, but can't get the eyes right.
No pictures as my camera needs new batteries.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Completed Project

We came home on Tuesday evening. So far, touch wood, Steven's new medicine seems to be working, on a very low dose at that. He was back at school today but for one day only, day off tomorrow then half term. Where do all these holidays come from? I'm sure I never had so many.
The mittens are finished and delivered. Unfortunately I forgot to take a photo. However I can say that they were a successful use of the self patterning sock yarn, and a pleasant change from just knitting socks.
I was hoping to show some photos of works in progress, but my camera battery has just died on me, so here is one of Steven from the archives...............say Ahhhhh.

Monday, October 17, 2005

More hospital

Another spell in hospital for Steven (and myself). He has to stay in another couple of nights for them to try out a different drug on him. I've come home this evening for a chance to sleep in my own bed after two nights on the fold out bed in Steven's cubicle, not the most comfortable sleeping accomodation.
Knitting wise, I've had a request from school for mittens for one of the children so am using up the yarn left over from some self patterning socks, they're turning out quite well, and are a good project to do in hospital, lots of time waiting for doctors to turn up.
If possible, I hope to get to Beattie's Knit-Chat tomorrow, but may have to give it a miss as the consultant said she will be seeing Steven and I never know when she will appear.

Monday, October 03, 2005

Teddies to Go

Well, the Teddies are "plumped up" and ready to go due to a generous donation of toy filling from a fellow knitter. (You know who you are, many thanks!) I'll be taking them into school tomorrow.

I also completed one of my Lorna's Laces socks this weekend. Must cast on the second sock this evening to avoid SSSyndrome. Other WIPs are making slow progress. As a visitor said this week "do you ever finish anything?" Personally, the act of knitting is satisfactory in itself, without the need to see a completed project, although that is good on occasion!

I used a new pattern for the sock Denise's Toe-Up with a few adaptions of my own. They've come out a bit on the large size, however.

I should have plenty of time to knit tomorrow morning. I have to go into school for Steven's annual review, his last as he leaves this year. This will probably involve a lot of sitting around waiting as they are always running late. Then on to Beatties for our Tuesday lunchtime Knit-Chat. When I get back, it's a serious tidying up session as I have a visitor coming to stay, so not much knitting time.