Sunday, March 30, 2008

Not knitting

I promise, not a mention.
On Tuesday I did a bit of family history research with my cousin and her granddaughter. We possess, in the family, a sampler made by a several greats aunt in 1849, aged 11. ( I can't imagine a modern 11year old having the patience.)The sampler depicts the hymn sung by the school children at the laying of the first stone of St. Peter's church, Cookley, Worcestershire.

Freya was interested in seeing the church mentioned on the sampler, so we went to Cookley and visited St. Peter's Church.

Yesterday, I took this photo of Steven, completely absorbed in the University boat race. He is taking more interest in the television lately, and always has a smile when his favourite weather presenter is on! ( Carole Kirkwood as it happens, I think he should start a fan club!)

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


I'm suffering from a bad attack of Startitis at the moment. I've just completed a BSJ for a neighbour's baby. I usually play safe and stick to pastels or bright primary colours, but thought I would step out of my comfort zone for this one. The yarn was Patons Diploma Gold DK.

In addition, I've joined an Elizabeth Zimmermann Knit-along to make a Gull Stitch Sweater. Yarn Elle DK.

I saw a request this morning for baby hats for Ray of Hope so what do you know, I've cast one on!

And finally, a sock for Steven. This is the second one and is my 'knitting on the move', mostly done on public transport.

This is almost finished so next will be socks for myself.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

A bit of colour

I needed a bit of light relief from all the 1940s navy and grey. These little fellows are Jane Greenhowe's Little Gift Dolls and will soon be on their way, with a few other things, for the Loving Hands Easter challenge.
On Thursday, I'm off to join Fred and Co. at the NEC show. No doubt a little stash enhancement will take place.

Saturday, March 01, 2008

Pool and FO

Well, the pool is weeded, scrubbed and ready for replanting. Not sure what the frogs think about it all, but they're still there. The tadpoles, when they arrive won't have anything to eat so I might possibly need some fish food. It is going to take a while before the natural balance is restored.
I've completed the WW2 balaclava. I tried to get Steven to model it, but it was difficult as he doesn't 'do' hats and was trying his best to remove it, also it was too big for him.

Here is the ear flap in greater detail.........

Sorry it is not any clearer, but I find navy a difficult colour to photograph. The pattern was a vintage one on the V&A museum web site but it no longer seems available, which is a shame.