Monday, July 02, 2007

Thoughts on Terrorism

I heard on the news this morning that one of the men being held on suspicion of the recent car bomb attempts in London and Glasgow, was a hospital Doctor. It makes you wonder how someone dedicated to saving lives, could be plotting to kill people.

It takes me back to the 1970s, when I worked in a residential nursery, in London, and shared the care of six babies, with an Irish nurse, a pleasant girl, easy to get on with, kind and loving towards the children. She went on holiday and never returned. The next thing we knew was that the police were looking for her in connection with bomb plots. Her flat had been searched, and explosives found under her bed. As far as I know, she has never been found, although her boy friend was arrested some time later. I had great difficulty in believing that the person I had been working with was a terrorist bomber.

Back to more mundane matters. I have been working on the ASJ and made a little progress, the front bands are nearly complete and I've chosen the buttons. Just the sleeves to finish. Not much point in showing a picture as it hasn't changed much from the last time.
I got a little diverted by another BSJ (baby clothes are so quick to make!) This is intended for a village show later in the month. I used Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino.

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Marlene said...

What a lovely jacket, a wonder job, well done, keep up the good work.
Regards Marlene.