Thursday, September 21, 2006


I actually managed to spend a morning in my wilderness of a garden, which was much needed. Hospital, weather and prior commitments have conspired against me recently. My robin reappeared in spruce new plumage and followed me closely for any tidbits I might turn up. He's been busy all summer, raising a family.

My grapes are starting to ripen, and I'm hoping they may be edible this year. A bit sour at the moment though.

Here are just some of my WIPs. I seem to be incapable of concentrating on one project at the moment and keep starting new things. It doesn't show the faroese shawl, jacket for myself, various half finished toys, etc.

And at last, Blogger has allowed me to show the wool I bought from Beatties Rowan sale on Saturday. 6 balls of 4ply soft, pure wool, for £8.10, not bad. There may be enough for a top for me, possibly with the addition of another colour.

I now going to try to publish this post for the third time. Blogger has wiped it out twice

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Back on Track

Getting back on track with the diet after a bit of a weight gain last week. Food available in our local hospital is not exactly a healthy choice. ( Where are you Jamie Oliver?) The canteen, where you could get at least one cooked meal a day plus vegetables and salad, has closed. Greggs has opened in the main corridor selling pasties and cakes, and everywhere you look are vending machines with fizzy drinks and sweets. Then up to the shop, more sweets and biscuits. I normally avoid temptation by having nothing sugary in the house, but being surrounded by it I find very difficult.

I've finally got round to sewing up Steven's new jumper ready for the winter. Knitted in Limbo from Web of Wool.
I've also started this as I was getting a little bored with all the stocking stitch I've been doing lately, but it's not so complicated that I have to keep consulting the pattern.

Not much to show yet. The wool is a cone of 4ply I got from Colinette earlier in the year.

Yesterday we joined Rose in Beatties for a knit and chat and it was great to welcome Ruth who recently moved back to the Midlands. We had a mooch through the Rowan Yarns on sale afterwards and came away with some bargains. Unfortunately Blogger won't allow me any more photos so I can't show the 4ply soft in a deep pink which I hope will become a top for myself.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006


........ is Steven back in his own bed again after a week in hospital.

Although we were very relieved to be in hospital last Tuesday with vomiting and a chest infection, it is good to be home again. I managed to dash home for an hour or so each day to collect post and clean clothes. As Steven still goes to the children's ward, I could stay with him. The facilities are very good for parents, a small kitchen with microwave and hot water for drinks, and a bathroom and shower room for parents use. I even got a proper bed to sleep in, usually I have to use a fold out bed.

Steven's new consulant, for Gastro-enterology, came to see him and is quite happy to treat him on the children's ward, as he says the facilities on the adult wards are not suitable for him and the staff would have difficulty coping.

I did a little knitting, mostly a bag in Rowan 'Country' which I'm hoping will be a Christmas present after felting, and some of my sock.

Good news from Fiona, her baby Seth has arrived, a week late but well worth the wait.

Sunday, September 03, 2006


I've had a very enjoyable weekend in the company of my cousin Barry and his girlfriend Brenda. They were taking part in a 1940's reenactment weekend at our local museum.

As you can see, everyone had a good time at the concert of WW2 songs. Even Steven, who has been quite grumpy all weekend, seemed to enjoy himself although I think this was more to do with being outdoors.

My mother even produced her wedding dress, Circa 1942, which is in remarkably good shape considering its age, if a little yellowed. However none of us attempted to get into it.

Not a lot of knitting to report, still plodding on with Steven's jacket which he is going to need soon, although today the weather was quite mild.