Friday, May 27, 2016

May Garden

It's difficult to know which plants to choose this month as everything is bursting into bloom.

The Montana Clematis is putting on a magnificent show as usual


The Azalea, planted last year, is blooming well.

This rhododendron was originally planted in a pot which became buried under the mass of weeds. Now it has been retrieved and replanted in the ground and has managed a couple of flowers.

Lastly a more humble plant but none the less welcome, Solomon's Seal.

Wednesday, May 04, 2016

April Garden

I've been pretty busy during April mainly clearing this area around the pool , although it still needs attention especially the nettles growing under the Spirea.

The Camellias  have done well as usual, although this one was being choked by the winter Clematis growing on the fence.

The wild life is also flourishing. This small black bumble bee is very attracted to the Pulmonaria flowers. I believe it is the hairy footed flower bee. Not one I've seen before. Also the Robins have hatched their first brood and I keep disturbing young robins in the shrubbery.