Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Bantock Weekend

We had another successful 1940s event at Bantock house this past weekend. I had a stand demonstrating 1940's knitting and displayed various 1940s items, including my mother's wedding dress. The sock knitting fascinates most people.

I included these...........

knitted from a 1940's pattern in this Murray and Koster book.
The original pattern was knitted in silk, but I used a very soft Patons Dreamtime baby wool. Even so, everyone agreed that they wouldn't fancy wearing them!
The highlight of the show was a mockup of a Battle of Britain RAF operations room with alerts every hour or so when every one sprang into action. Sorry, no pics as they are in my phone and my Bluetooth is refusing to work.

Sunday, August 01, 2010


Sadly my tomatoes have succumbed to the dreaded blight, probably due to the damp mild weather we've been having recently. I'm trying to rescue the larger fruit in the hope that they will ripen indoors. They were growing so well too, and had the best of care, watered, fed and supported. Ah well, there is always next year.

Monday, July 19, 2010


I'm pleased to say that my wrist is better and I'm back to my usual knitting speed. I've started a raglan V-neck for Steven. I used a generic Patons pattern, which was rather boring stocking stitch, so I'm doing the main part in a garter stich rib with the sleeves in stocking stitch. I've also changed the raglan shaping.
This is progress so far.

The yarn is Rowan Extra Fine Merino DK.

In the garden the 'Marmande' tomatoes are plumping up nicely. The hot June got them off to a good start, although things have cooled down now, but they have another couple of months to ripen.

Saturday, July 03, 2010


I didn't realise I hadn't Blogged since April, time just seems to slip away.

Knitting is slow at the moment due to this

I foolishly managed to trip and fall over Steven's sling and sprained my wrist, luckily nothing was broken but it has been very painful and incapacitating for two weeks. The worst thing, of course, was difficulty knitting. I had a SANDS blanket half made and progress has continued now the pain is easing. It has a lace edging which was designed to be made separately and stitched on but I'm joining it as I go along, saves all that stitching up afterwards. Also the pattern has a mistake as the last two rows of the edging are reversed.

Mum has settled into her care home and is getting back to her old self although she still isn't very mobile. She is confident in using the lift on her own now, so can go up and down to her room when she wants and has been spending time in the garden as the weather has been glorious.

My garden is very neglected although I do have someone to cut the lawn. I'm also growing tomatoes in a grow bag and these seem to be doing well.

Steven is well at the moment although we have an appointment with a consultant at the end of the month as his breathing is not good at night.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Quick update

Recovering from a rather traumatic weekend. Steven's hoist ceased working Saturday morning and I have had to do transfers by lifting him and my, how my shoulders are suffering. Luckily he is a light weight so this is still possible, but not easy. The engineer is here now fixing it, thank goodness.

On to knitting. My Mr Green Jeans has been spending time on the Naughty step as it was turning out too small, but I decided to give it a reprieve. I undid all the cable rib. I then increased instead of decreasing, the rib pulls in anyway, then completed the cable/rib section on the same size needle as the stocking stitch section. The rib pulls in anyway and it is now a better fit, although still snug. Also, as you can see, a sleeve has been completed.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Woolly Goodness

I had a note from my postman on Tuesday that they had tried to deliver a parcel but couldn't because I was out. I had an idea what it was, and today, Saturday, was the first chance I had to receive it.

I wasn't disappointed. It was my share of Cormo/Mohair yarn from Juniper Moon Fiber Farm.

Steven loved the feel and smell of the skeins, and for me, knowing I had witnessed the births of some of the animals providing the yarn, was an extra pleasure. Kidding, and soon lambing, has started again, and the first kids are bouncing around.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Still here

Things are calming down a little here. Mum moved into her care home two weeks ago, although things were a bit rough for her to begin with as she had a fall and was very confused. However she is much more herself now, and gradually adapting to her new situation. She has at last remembered how to use her mobile phone, which makes communicating much easier. Surprisingly, none of the staff could help her with it, I thought all young people knew everything about phones.

I have been knitting, although no photos today as I haven't had time to take them. My January socks are finished. I cheated a bit in February as I didn't have much time, so just made some baby bootees. One March sock is finished and the second well on the way. I'm afraid the Mr. Green Jeans has been put on one side as it is coming out far too small for me, sob!

I have some new carers for Steven; they've only been once and are due again tomorrow so time will tell how they work out.

Hope it won't be too long until I update again, hopefully with some photos.

Friday, January 08, 2010

Snowed in

Well, nothing much is happening here due to the snow and icy conditions outside. Steven hasn't gone back to his day centre since Christmas and my mother hasn't visited her care home yet, although they have a vacant room at the moment. Thank goodness for Waitrose delivery service, at least we won't starve.

Plenty of time for knitting, the main part of 'Mr. Greenjeans' is finished, and I'm about to start the sleeves. Also a sock for Steven is completed and the second cast on. I'm using the bargain yarn from Lidl which apparently is not machine washable, so care is going to be needed. How long before I forget and just throw them in the machine with the rest of the wash?

Back to the snow, we've all put out our bins and recycling but whether they will be emptied is another matter. Waitrose, milkman, postie, and my cousin, who is four foot ten, 78years old and walked at least a mile, all managed to get through. But Steven's PAs who are two strapping lads of at least six foot, couldn't manage it. So I didn't get my usual Thursday evening break.