Friday, March 31, 2006

Birmingham Show

Went on a flying visit to the NEC yesterday morning. Dropped in on the Knit and Relax stand and met Yvonne, Fred, Sue and others (sorry but I'm hopeless at names).
I didn't have much time so I had decided in advance what I was going to look for and hopefully buy, and luckily managed to do both.

First I wanted to get some pure wool Aran to match this Colinette which I've had for a while but not in a large enough amount to make anything. By great good fortune Undyarns had an exact match.

I'm hoping to make an Adult Surprise Jacket once I can pluck up the courage to cope with all those stitches on the needle.

Then I wanted some Limbo Mexico from Web of Wool to knit Steven a Sweater. I used this in a different colourway, to make him a sweater last year. It is wonderfully soft and machine washes really well. I bought a couple of extra balls to make sure I had enough to match up the pattern in the yarn.

Finally I treated myself to a larger size Addi Turbo needle and this book which I've wanted for a while.

Then I turned my back on the rest of the goodies, and came home, congratulating myself on being so restrained.

Monday, March 27, 2006

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Froggie would a Wooing go.......

........and my pond is full again. They disappeared for a while when the weather turned cold but are back in full force and croaking loudly.

I thought this was very amusing and very true. I will have to speak out and admit 'I am a Knitaholic.'

To put my addiction to some use I've started knitting for the

Lutsk Orphanage Knitting Challenge organised by the Coventry Knitwits.

I already have some things completed and have just finished these socks and hat.............

Time is a little tight as they need to be ready by May.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

More completed Projects

The Jaywalkers are finished, ends darned in and pressed.

They are very comfortable to wear but needed a little alteration at the toes as I have very short, stubby feet.

Also in the spirit of Stashalong and Project Spectrum a baby's jacket made from odd balls of stash yarns, probably destined for charity.

Blogger seems to be taking forever to upload images today but think I've finally succeeded.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Lent Lunch

I've spent the last couple of days nursing a cold, my head feels as if it's stuffed with half my stash.
Missed out on my weekly Knit chat at Beatties as I went to a Lent lunch in aid of, I think, Christian aid. Soup, bread and cheese and a donation to charity. I took my knitting along and managed a few rounds of the Jaywalkers. The lunch was held in Claverley, a village a few miles out of Wolverhampton.

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Spring ?

Spring must be coming, the frogs have reappeared in my pond this week. They are very late this year, I usually start to see them in February. I hope the freeze over night and sprinkling of snow hasn't put them off. At least there is no frogspawn yet to get frozen.
Not much news on the knitting front. The Jaywalkers are progressing and a Jacket for the lad is awaiting front bands and stitching up, my least favourite task. I have completed a baby sweater in Sirdar Country Style 4ply destined for Feed the Children.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Oh dear..........

......... more snow this morning. Steven nearly didn't go to school, but eventually the transport driver relented and pushed him up my snowy drive. I have a doctor's appointment later which I would have had to cancel.

My snowdrops are lasting well this year due to the cold weather. These are, I think, Atkinsii and grow much taller than the common Snowdrop. I planted one bulb 'in the green' about six years ago and it has increased well and I think will need dividing soon.

On the knitting front, the first Jaywalker is completed and I'm about to cast on for the second. The yarn is Fairground from Curious Yarns.