Thursday, January 19, 2006

Back again.......

........ to the hospital, unfortunately, and I thought we were doing so well. Since Steven had his treatment for gastric ulcers, two months ago, he has been a much happier chap and no vomiting until Monday evening. However, we came home yesterday and he's back at school today. He bounces back pretty quickly after these episodes, better than I do, in fact.
Knitting news, I received this the other day from Curious Yarns .................

As you can see, one skein has been rolled into a ball. I took it into the hospital to fondle and found that the arms on the hoist we have to use, to lift Steven, made an excellent skein holder. I'm now about to cast on for Jaywalker socks for myself, although I have plenty of other WIPs I should be finishing.

Monday, January 02, 2006


Happy New Year everyone. I've made one or two resolutions which are knitting related.......... maybe this year I will complete something for myself other than socks, and also complete projects which have been on the needles far too long. Chief among these is a throw knitted on Vivian Hoxbro Domino Technique.It is so nearly completed, just needing a few ends darning in and a suitable edging, and has actually been in use. It is knitted entirely in scrap yarn, the black coming from Texere's free offer a while ago.

Before Christmas I took the opportunity to visit the new Haberdashery/ Yarn department in House of Fraser ( Rackhams) Birmingham. Nothing very exciting but a fair selection of the usual, Rowan, Jaeger and Paton's.