Monday, July 31, 2006


................ at last. It's pouring down at the moment and I can almost hear the thirsty plants drinking it up. Thank goodness it feels cooler now; it seems a shame to complain about the warm, sunny weather, but I'm afraid I don't cope very well with the heat and find doing anything, mental or physical, quite an effort.
Not much knitting has been done recently. I have managed a couple of squares for the
Knitted River. I'm getting quite a pile now, Fiona from Beatties Knit-Chat has contributed some, and I'm hoping to get others interested before I send them off.

Steven said his formal farewells to everyone at school last Tuesday but on Thursday we met up with some of them again for a visit to Chester zoo. The weather wasn't too oppressive and we managed to see more of the animals than we did last year. Steven particularly enjoyed the Bat Cave. The Orang-utans had several babies who were very active and amusing .........

.......... but the chimpanzees seemed to be suffering from the heat and were resting in the shade.

We also saw these giraffes.

Saturday, July 22, 2006


A lot has happened in the last week. Computing has improved greatly due to the arrival of this......

I've almost finished transfering everything from the old to the new computer and now have working Internet and Email. I used dialup briefly while I got broadband set up and had forgotten how slow it is. Some sites took for ever to upload, especially those with very 'busy' templates, think about it bloggers. Anyway, I'm now back up to speed.

Some knitting news. My cousin entered my Jaywalkers, on my behalf, in a competition down in Surrey, and they won first prize! The pattern and yarn were admired, no credit to me! I also entered some bootees in another class, and they came fourth. I've no idea what competition there was though.

Steven had his last day at school on Friday, the end of an era. I worked out that I've been going to the same site for sixteen years since he started in the nursery at the age of three. Quite a wrench, I shall miss everyone, as I am sure Steven will. I know at least one one member of staff reads this blog, so I'll try to keep you updated Chris! Steven starts at his day centre on Monday, so no long school holidays for him any more.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Knit Chat

We had a lively meeting in Beatties this lunchtime, and I managed to avoid the cakes!

We haven't got Matthew knitting yet, but when his sewing project is finished, we will, oh yes!

Steph and Anita arrived late so I took another photo.


We're still plodding along here. The computer is getting slower and slower, and has to get its little torch out to search pathetically for anything in My Computer, luckily it is usually found eventually.
The garden is flourishing. Flowers of the week are the lilies, although they are badly in need of staking.

Steven had his moment of stardom in the school production 'Summer Holiday'. He thoroughly enjoyed himself as you can see. He particularly enjoys the dancing and being whirled around in his chair.

Nothing much happening with the knitting. I'm hoping to send off a parcel of tiny baby wear to Christine at Ray of Hope this week. I've done all the knitting, just the finishing off, buttons and ribbon to add, which I find tedious.
I shall be joining the gang in Beatties at lunchtime to knit and chat, but will have to be careful to avoid the delicious food in the Cafe, especially the carrot cake, as my diet is going pretty well at the moment.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Computer Problems

I'm nursing a sick computer at the moment. It is getting old, slowing down and keeps losing things ( sounds like me, except I haven't started making strange beeping noises). Luckily I've just obtained an external hard drive, so spent yesterday evening backing up everything. Time for a new 'puter I think.
Nothing much happening knit-wise.

The sleeve on Steven's jumper is progressing slowly as I've been making a few more baby bits and pieces, more comfortable to knit in the hot weather.

Sorry about the photos, can't do any photo editing at the moment, only download direct from the camera so they're a bit dark.

Every time I go into the garden, I disturb tiny frogs who are taking advantage of the warm, damp weather to leave the pond. They may be small but they have a powerful leap.

Hopefully, I will be able to use the computer for a while longer, but if I'm silent, you'll know why.