Monday, February 25, 2008


No, not the knitting sort, but those in my garden pool. This has been very neglected recently and in need of a complete overhaul. I thought it would be done before the frogs got busy, but unfortunately they arrived last week. In any case, they probably spent the winter in the mud at the bottom of the pool so would have been disturbed anyway. There isn't really a good time for this messy job. This is a before shot...........

.......... and here are some of the fifty odd frogs trying to escape. Just look at the variety of colours and markings. One even had red legs. Hopefully they will settle down once the pool is refilled but it will take a while before the natural balance is restored. Eventually, I hope to have some more fish, and will take care to protect them from the heron who took my last lot.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Socks Finished

The knee socks are finished. Here they are being modelled by Steven. His legs are very thin, so I hope they will fit around a normal child's calf.

I've been sorting through my stash for more suitable yarn for WW2 knitting and found this.......

...... fine lamb's wool but in rather dull colours. This came from Texere a couple of years ago when they were clearing old stock and gave it away free for the cost of postage. I'm sure not all the wartime knitting was done in such dismal colours, but for the troops it should be suitable.
I've started another Balaclava, this time with ear flaps, from a pattern from the V&A collection (which no longer seems available on line.) I found two strands of the lamb's wool gives a respectable 4ply. This is progress so far, greatly helped by a long morning at the local hospital acting as 'guinea pig' for Drs exams. This just involves my sitting knitting all morning and occasionally have young Drs examine my neck (thyroid problems.) There is also a free lunch and coffee. I got most of the ribbing done.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Not doing too well with the Blogging this year, am I? Some knitting has been done, and progress made on the 1940's knee socks; one completed and the second OTNs. My, but it's boring knitting in grey.
I therefore had a short break to make this seat pad in Paton's Diploma Gold. The pattern was an amalgamation of several vintage patterns in my possession. It is now off to grace my chair at the Beatties Knit Chat group. We have started meeting in the haberdashery department, different but not as cosy as the cafe, and the chairs are harder! However it's good to be able to see the new yarns.

Steven has been having a busy time at day care so far this year. Lots of outings, to
Cannock Chase a local beauty spot, Lichfield Cathedral to hear an organ recital, and
Cosford RAF Museum among others. Quite a varied program which he seems to enjoy.