Wednesday, March 28, 2007


Things have started moving on the respite care for Steven. Two lovely ladies arrived on Thursday evening, bathed and fed him and got him ready for bed. Unfortunately he then 'played up' all evening in the only way he can, threatening to be sick, so I was kept busy. Hopefully, he will start getting used to new carers.

On Sunday, they came for the afternoon, so I had a meal out and visited the new Cold War exhibition at RAF Cosford, very interesting, free, and bliss for young boys (and girls) if they are interested in aircraft, rockets etc.

As for knitting, two items have floated to the top of the pile of WIPs.

The sock is making slow progress as it is my KIP project. However, I'm now past the heel.

I've also started a new top for Steven. It is going to be a raglan Hoodie, but I'm not sure that the self striping yarn is the best choice for this design as there is no way the stripes will match up.

Here is progress so far..........

.........and the yarn is.....

Pure wool, machine washes like a dream, and the first sweater I knitted in this is still soft after two years of machine washing.

Now must take myself into the garden to mow the lawn, the sun is shining atm but rain is threatened later.

Monday, March 19, 2007

Just in time

I managed to complete this at the weekend.

Just in time as it happens, baby Harvey arrived on Saturday. According to his Grandad, he is a big lad at 8lb. 12ozs. so it was lucky that I decided to make a larger BSJ as the others would have been too small. So a parcel will soon be winging its way up to Yorkshire.

I will soon be invaded by builders as I am having a new conservatory built. The
Garden Room, Large Porch , I have at present, has started to rot and it's doubtful if it will last much longer. So, a good opportunity for a bigger, more comfortable room and another knitting area!
Here are a couple of before photos. As you can see it is a dumping ground at the moment so must get on to Freecycle and unload some of the unwanted junk. However, the chair was made by my Grandfather as a nursing chair when I was a baby, so I shall be sad to see it go.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

New Jacket

Here's a picture of Steven in his new jacket from Rackety's.

I saw this firm mentioned on Emma's blog and thought it would be ideal for Steven. It looks like a conventional front fastening jacket, but actually fastens at the back, so is much easier to get on and off. He also has a foot muff, but will probably not need it until next winter.

Monday, March 05, 2007


I've been updating my links, much easier with Beta. Mind you , looking at the list of blogs I check regularly, I think I need to get a life! I've also changed the template.
Nothing much to report on the knitting, another BSJ, still waiting to have shoulder seams stitched, and buttons attached ...........

and some progress on the 1940s jumper.

I'm feeling the urge to cast on for a sock as I don't have one OTNs at the moment, and this won't do.
I'm still on the yarn diet, although the stash isn't noticably reduced. I have made one book purchase with birthday money. There are one or two patterns I might try, though not, I think, the cover design!

In the garden pool things have gone very quiet. After the flurry a few weeks back, most of the frogs disappeared. A few have come back but no frantic passion and no sign of any frogspawn. I'm sure I've had spawn by this time in previous years so what's the difference this year?