Tuesday, May 30, 2006


Today Steven and I joined staff and members of his new daycare centre on a visit to the local Bowling Alley. He managed to achieve the highest score.

As you can see Steven thoroughly enjoyed himself and it was lovely to see how the staff interacted with him. It makes such a difference his being with people who understand him, mostly he just gets ignored if he doesn't immediately respond when spoken to. Of course the staff at school are great with him, but he will be moving on soon and leaving them behind.

At least this part of his transition is going smoothly and the staff have been trained to cope with his P.E.G. feeds. If only the medical transfer was progressing so well.

Of course, the knitting came along and I managed a good part of a baby hat.

Saturday, May 27, 2006

Baby Surplice

I've just completed another EZ baby jacket, this time the Baby Surplice. For some reason I didn't find it such an enjoyable knit as the Baby Surprise. Here it is, with matching hat.

In the garden, the Clematis Montana is putting on a magnificent show as usual, it's a shame that the weather is a bit too damp to go outside and enjoy it.

Yesterday we had a meeting with Steven's paediatrician. The reason for this, was to hand Steven over to the care of an adult physician, but unfortunately it is difficult to find one able to cope with his complex medical needs. The upshot is that if he needs hospital admission I can still take him to the childrens' assessment unit (he has open access) for a while at least, which is a great relief. I wasn't relishing the thought of coping on an adult ward. At least he is small for his age and still very childlike.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Lilac time

I wish that scents could be transmitted digitally so that I could share this lilac with you. I'm not sure of the variety; I bought it as a miniature and it is now well over six feet tall.
The scent fills the whole garden at this time of year, and it produces a few flowers most of the summer months.

I've just been completing another Baby Surprise Jacket, this time in a tiny size for a prem babies charity. This pattern is so versatile and adaptable. The picture shows three sizes. The smallest 12" chest, 3ply 2.75 needles. The next 14.5"chest, 4ply 3.25 needles. The largest, with added cuffs and awaiting collar, 18.5" chest, double knitting 4 mm needles. This would fit 6-12 months. Using Aran or chunky weight and larger needles you could probably go up to age 3 years.

I purchased the Pattern to be legal and avoid copyright issues, but to be honest found the knitalong easier to follow. There is also a Yahoo group.

Thursday, May 04, 2006


............. has suddenly arrived, whatever happened to Spring? I've just been out to mow the lawn, but am having difficulty as the cowslips have taken over and I can't bear to cut them down. I'll just have to wait a while until they've seeded to cut this corner.

I also nearly have an FO. This waistcoat has been around so long, it almost transformed into a UFO. Sadly, I've put on so much weight since I started, it is a very tight fit. However, I'll soldier on, all it needs now is edging, probably crocheted. It is knitted in Alpaca, from the Alpaca Spinner wonderfully soft, and lovely drape, so I hope I can get into it comfortably. The pattern is 'Cinnamon' from 'Knitters', Fall 2004.