Thursday, July 28, 2005


Visited Chester Zoo yesterday with Steven's summer school. As you can see, the knitting came along too!

I couldn't get close enough to a real elephant, so made do with this one.

The weather was kind to us, so we ate our lunch outside. The facilities for the disabled were very good, they even had a portable hoist in the toilets.

On the return journey, it looks as if we brought some of the zoo back with us!

Thursday, July 21, 2005


Managed a morning in the garden. Free mornings will be in short supply for six weeks when school holidays start. 'Self assembled' my new garden bench, an ideal seat for some alfresco knitting.

The WIP is a waistcoat in 'Polly' and 'Truffle' Limited Edition British Alpaca from Linzi at the Alpaca Spinner.

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Bad news,good news

The bad news is that Steven had to spend Saturday and Sunday night in hospital due to severe vomiting. We came home Monday morning.
The good news is that I've contacted someone I worked with in the 1960s via Friends Reunited and we've brought each other up to date with our lives so far. Here is a picture of some of the babies we cared for in a residential nursery.

Saturday, July 16, 2005

Feed the Children

I've managed to finish a few little jackets and a blanket to send to Feed the Children. I will now have to start on something more challenging in the knitting line, although I still have some WIPs to finish, including a boring royal blue school jumper for Steven and an alpaca waistcoat for myself, far too hot in this weather.

In the garden, Crocosmia Lucifer is flirting madly with the daisies.

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Prize Giving

I spent the morning at Steven's school for the annual Prize Giving. The school is for children with many problems both physical and in learning, but all can make progress in some area, improved socialising, speech, movement etc. Steven received the class prize for using his left arm more purposefully, reaching out and touching objects. As you can see he is very proud of himself!

I took a sock with me to knit as it is small and as I use one circular needle, Magic Loop technique, it doesn't interfere with people sitting next to me. As it happened every one was too intent on watching the children to notice what I was doing.


Saturday, July 09, 2005


I received this letter this morning telling me the teddies had arrived. Sorry about the quality of the picture. It is great to know your work is appreciated. I get upset when I see handknitted children's clothes on Ebay, unworn and being sold for almost nothing. They have obviously been knitted for new babies by fond relatives and friends and never used. For this reason, I rarely knit for friends and relatives now unless I am asked directly. I prefer to knit for charity where I know the work will be valued.

Rant over. The lilies in the garden are opening. To be honest, this picture was taken last year, not such a good show this year.

Monday, July 04, 2005


Managed an afternoon out yesterday, not easy these days as Steven has to have a Nurse to sit with him and give him his tube feeds. We went to the local P.Y.O farm where we had a delightful Sunday lunch, free range pork and vegetables grown on the farm. We then picked delicious strawberries and I found this little charmer Dianthus 'Mondriaan' which I will have to find room for in my over crowded garden. I only wish computers could transfer the scent.

I also have to find a home for these little fellas who have been waiting a while to be sent off to

They are 'Trauma Teddies' and are used by ambulance crews and hospitals in this country and also sent abroad to help children affected by disasters.