Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Managed a day out at the NEC last Thursday. It was good to meet up with Fred and other Bloggers, hi Noonie. I taught several students to knit but I'm not sure how many will keep it up. They really need ongoing help, maybe they will find a local knitting group.

A few purchases were made, sock yarn naturally and also some BFL from Fybrespates who were in Birmingham for the first time. I got enough aran weight to make something for myself and have started the Casual Friday Vest slightly adapted to have a cable down the front. The yarn is lovely and soft, a little thicker than I usually knit with but shouldn't be uncomfortably warm as it is sleeveless.

The Sock yarn blanket came along to the NEC and was admired. I've decided I need it a little wider so am adding squares on the right which is a little complicated but possible and at all costs I want to avoid sewing.

The respite for Steven is almost nonexistent at the moment. A carer came along the other day but she had no training in PEG feeding or use of the hoist so was useless.

Monday, September 08, 2008


Well, it was a very successful 1940's weekend at Bantock House. Numbers were down a bit on Saturday because of the dire weather but large numbers turned out on Sunday. I could have done with a larger table for my display of knitting ( must try to go more vertical next year, perhaps a display board of some sort.) People were fascinated by the sock knitting especially as I was using DPNs (I much prefer Magic Loop!)

We displayed my mother's wedding dress from 1942. She came along on Sunday and thoroughly enjoyed herself answering questions.

Brenda brought along her spinning wheel which created a lot of interest.

There was also another knitter there, making a Fair Isle sweater. I think her name was Claire.

On Saturday, another lady (? Louise) brought her crochet, but she couldn't manage Sunday. So all in all crafts were well represented. In previous years we only had rag rug making.

And finally, I couldn't resist this shot of hungry reenactors tucking in to their lunch.

Friday, September 05, 2008


No photos today as I'm busy getting ready for the 1940's weekend at Bantock House. I'm planning a display of 1940's knitting and a few other bits and pieces I've collected. I have quite a collection of books by Jane Koster and Margaret Murray and also found this site useful.
My mother is full of gloom and thinks no one will turn up because of the dreadful weather, but I'm remaining optimistic and at least I will be indoors.
I've just had a wasted journey to hospital with Steven. Apparently his appointment had been brought forward to the 3rd, but no one let me know. Next week we go to the wheelchair clinic, hopefully no hitches there.
Hope to have some photos next week.