Saturday, December 15, 2012

Hospital woes

At last I have time to update this blog. It has been a roller coaster of an autumn, and not over yet.

In my last entry I was recovering from an operation, and I'm pleased to say this continued.

Unfortunately things have not gone so well for Steven. He had to be admitted to a nursing home when I was ill and unable to care for him. In September I had a call to say he had managed to pull out his PEG (feeding tube) and was in hospital waiting to have it replaced. The hospital then found he had pressure lesions and would not release him.

Added to all this, he also had repeated chest infections. Temporary tubes were inserted which invariably fell out leading to Steven not being fed adequately. Eventually a permanent PEG was inserted, on the 7 December. He is now on a higher calorie feed and is beginning to regain some strength.

This isn't the full story about his treatment, which I won't go into as the hospital are holding an investigation. The good news is that on Monday, all being well, Steven will be discharged to a
different nursing home where hopefully he will be better cared for as I no longer feel able to meet his needs.

To finish, here's a picture of the lad in happier times and hopefully we will start seeing those smiles once more.