Monday, April 28, 2008


I seem to have been neglecting the blog recently. I didn't realise it was so long since I posted. Not much to show on the knitting, although progress has been made on several projects. I've started the second Kureyon sock, and so far the stripes are matching, which pleases me.

I've also made some progress in the garden. Sadly, not my own work, but something that needed to be done. This cherry tree has been ailing since I had it pruned a few years ago. Last year it lost its leaves mid summer and looked dead. I gave it a chance to revive this spring, but it was not to be.

So it is now reduced to a sweetly smelling pile of logs.

I don't have an open fire myself, but have a friend who burns logs so they will be going to her, when she can arrange transport.

Also garden related, my tomato seedlings are making progress, if a little slowly. However it will be a few weeks before they can go outside, so should have grown a bit by then.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


We had a good crowd in Beatties (House of Fraser) today in our Knit-Chat group. Lots of chatting, and a fair bit of knitting.

We now meet in the Haberdashery department, which is a Coates franchise. Rowan and Patons yarns mainly although there is now some sock wool. As you can see, it sometimes gets a bit cramped around the small table.

I've recently bought a new phone with a much better camera, but I need more practise at using it, so one photo was too blurred to use.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Kureyon Sock review

The first sock in Kureyon sock yarn is finished. I used a size 2.5 circular needle and Magic Loop. The yarn is very different from other sock yarn I've used, single ply and so tightly spun it kept twisting back on itself and getting into knots. It is also not as soft as most sock yarns and made quite a firm fabric. I can't comment on wearing/washing so far, but it is hand wash only.
The yarn was free of straw and other foreign matter but did have a lot of uneven spinning, in some places it was very thick although I haven't come across any areas too thin. Of course, the colours were wonderful, as Noro always is. Now to cast on sock number two.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008


No sooner had I published the last post, when the postman delivered this..........

......... issue number 5 of Yarn Forward. I haven't done more than glance through it so far, but there are some interesting articles and knittable/wearable patterns.
As I had resubscribed, I also got some beautifully soft yarn and a pattern for a shawl. Not all that keen on the colour, though. Maybe it will grow on me.

I had two arrivals on my pond yesterday. These mallards appeared at lunchtime and stayed until dusk, paddling around and frightening the tadpoles! Hopefully they also ate some of the weed.

Compulsive reading.

Much to my shame, I have to admit I have found the Hipknits/Magknits saga on Ravelry, in the last few days, compulsive reading. I had a problem in 2006 with none delivery of sock club yarn and difficulty communicating, happily sorted out eventually. I won't go in to the problems with Yarn Forward magazine (worryingly I have renewed my subscription, hope it doesn't go the same way as Magknits.)

On a lighter note, my cousin and I had an enjoyable day last week, getting lost in Shropshire. But who minds getting lost, with views like this to see?

That hill on the horizon is the Wrekin and from this angle it is clear that it was once a volcano.

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Finished at last

Steven has a new pair of socks. These have been OTNs for far too long, with only an inch and the casting off to do, so I set to last night and finished them. Yarn was Fortissima Socka colour 521. They are fraternal twins as the stripes were too difficult to match up, but Steven won't care.

Completing these of course means I can cast on a pair for myself. ( As if I need any more WIPs!)
When I was in Chester last week I visited Stash and this Kureyon sock yarn jumped into my bag. I've seen a bit written about this on the internet, so now is my chance to try it out.

I'm also somewhat distracted by various charity appeals. I find it difficult to ignore these especially if children are involved. It is also an excuse to use up my ever increasing odd balls. These will hopefully become a blanket for Loving Hands summer challenge.