Thursday, March 02, 2006

Oh dear..........

......... more snow this morning. Steven nearly didn't go to school, but eventually the transport driver relented and pushed him up my snowy drive. I have a doctor's appointment later which I would have had to cancel.

My snowdrops are lasting well this year due to the cold weather. These are, I think, Atkinsii and grow much taller than the common Snowdrop. I planted one bulb 'in the green' about six years ago and it has increased well and I think will need dividing soon.

On the knitting front, the first Jaywalker is completed and I'm about to cast on for the second. The yarn is Fairground from Curious Yarns.


scarletprincess said...

Hi Annette!
Hope you are coping with the bad weather, there's supposed to be more on the way! I love the jaywalker sock! I have some silk which arrived from curious yarns this week (long awaited) and I'm just starting a scarf pattern for the M.I.L.
Keep yourself well,
fiona xxx

mrshayward said...

Hallo and good evening, Just popped in to look at your jaywalker socks and was wondering what sort of needes you used - looked like circular in the picture. I have enjoyed browsing your site and especially the nature notes - you combine two interests of mine. Good wishes. Mary

Annette said...

Hi Mary, glad you are enjoying my blog. Yes, I do knit socks on a circular needle using the Magic Loop method. No danger of losing a stray needle! This particular needle is an Addi Turbo size 2.5 mm. HTH.

colin said...

Lovely coks in both colour and stitch.
Envy you the snow!