Saturday, March 25, 2006

Froggie would a Wooing go.......

........and my pond is full again. They disappeared for a while when the weather turned cold but are back in full force and croaking loudly.

I thought this was very amusing and very true. I will have to speak out and admit 'I am a Knitaholic.'

To put my addiction to some use I've started knitting for the

Lutsk Orphanage Knitting Challenge organised by the Coventry Knitwits.

I already have some things completed and have just finished these socks and hat.............

Time is a little tight as they need to be ready by May.


colin said...

Your socks, these and the ones below are lovely. Thanks for showing.

Wye Sue said...

Nice to meet you today, hope the jumper goes ok, wool looks lovely.

I have a similar frog situation, think they get a bus from somewhere to visit ;-)