Friday, March 31, 2006

Birmingham Show

Went on a flying visit to the NEC yesterday morning. Dropped in on the Knit and Relax stand and met Yvonne, Fred, Sue and others (sorry but I'm hopeless at names).
I didn't have much time so I had decided in advance what I was going to look for and hopefully buy, and luckily managed to do both.

First I wanted to get some pure wool Aran to match this Colinette which I've had for a while but not in a large enough amount to make anything. By great good fortune Undyarns had an exact match.

I'm hoping to make an Adult Surprise Jacket once I can pluck up the courage to cope with all those stitches on the needle.

Then I wanted some Limbo Mexico from Web of Wool to knit Steven a Sweater. I used this in a different colourway, to make him a sweater last year. It is wonderfully soft and machine washes really well. I bought a couple of extra balls to make sure I had enough to match up the pattern in the yarn.

Finally I treated myself to a larger size Addi Turbo needle and this book which I've wanted for a while.

Then I turned my back on the rest of the goodies, and came home, congratulating myself on being so restrained.


Sue said...

You were much better behaved than me! Undy Yarns was a bit of a revelation to me, they had some lovely stuff. I was amazed to find spinning and felting stuff there and treated myself to a needle felting kit.

colin said...

that yarn fo steven is lovely!
i really must stop looking at yarn...

Steph said...

Oooh - lucky you! Well done on being so restrained too. The yarn for Steven's sweater looks great.

Fred said...

Nice to finally meet you in the flesh and put a proper name to a screen name. Glad you managed to pick up the match as it did look really nice.

Wye Sue said...

Blue wool is a really good match, should look wonderful.
Well done for being so good, I hold Yvonne responsible for my major purchases she told me I needed it !!!