Monday, October 03, 2005

Teddies to Go

Well, the Teddies are "plumped up" and ready to go due to a generous donation of toy filling from a fellow knitter. (You know who you are, many thanks!) I'll be taking them into school tomorrow.

I also completed one of my Lorna's Laces socks this weekend. Must cast on the second sock this evening to avoid SSSyndrome. Other WIPs are making slow progress. As a visitor said this week "do you ever finish anything?" Personally, the act of knitting is satisfactory in itself, without the need to see a completed project, although that is good on occasion!

I used a new pattern for the sock Denise's Toe-Up with a few adaptions of my own. They've come out a bit on the large size, however.

I should have plenty of time to knit tomorrow morning. I have to go into school for Steven's annual review, his last as he leaves this year. This will probably involve a lot of sitting around waiting as they are always running late. Then on to Beatties for our Tuesday lunchtime Knit-Chat. When I get back, it's a serious tidying up session as I have a visitor coming to stay, so not much knitting time.

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bea said...

What lovely socks! I am going to try a toe up sock next so I may be shouting for help soon!
Found your site from your comment on mine :)