Thursday, September 29, 2005

Busy Week - again

Not much time to Blog this week (and probably less next). I visited Steven's proposed Adult Day Centre, which seems ideal for him and I'm sure he will fit in well. Two of his schoolmates who left last year are there so he will see someone he knows.

On Tuesday Rose, at Beatties Knit-Chat, gave us some odds and ends of yarn for a project she's planning, and so far I've produced these ................

........... more to follow. It's been a good opportunity to try out some of Barbara Walker's patterns.

I've a friend visiting next week, so will have to do a serious tidying of my house or the poor soul will have nowhere to sleep. The last thing I need at the moment is more yarn, but I couldn't resist this, from Linzi at The Alpaca Spinner.

............... which will probably become a scarf, possibly the famous Clapotis. I love this yarn, and the Alpacas have such beautiful faces.


C x said...

The yarn is gorgeous, and knowing what animal it came from makes for an interesting story to tell.

Alpacas are very cute animals indeed.

C x said...
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