Saturday, October 29, 2005

Half Term

Not much time for anything this week as Steven's off school. On Thursday we visited the daycare placement that has become available. He was very relaxed and seemed to enjoy himself. He met two young people who used to be at school with him and greeted them with a smile, so I think there was recognition there.
I'm having very little time for the garden these days and have had to resort to paying someone to cut the grass - oh the shame of it!
I've managed a little time to knit but, as I have the concentration of a gnat at the moment, only small projects. I've started a Knitted Babe from the free Rowan pattern, possibly destined for a Christmas present, but can't get the eyes right.
No pictures as my camera needs new batteries.

1 comment:

C x said...

Things sound a bit brighter... if a touch busy :)

The babe sounds cute :) Let me know when you have some pix.