Monday, August 22, 2005


Now I've completed a couple of WIPs, I felt entitled to start something new. This is A 'Beginner's Triangle' from 'A Gathering of Lace'. I'm using Hand-dyed Laceweight Merino from Fiona at Yarnwise . This is progress so far .........

I must say I've been finding following the charted pattern more difficult than I expected. The first few rows were redone several times. I think this is because I'm not used to working from a chart and found counting the tiny squares rather trying. However, it's getting easier now and I'm not needing the pattern very often. I don't knit lace very often these days as I find it needs too much concentration, however it's worth it occasionally.

I've found this stitch counter useful for keeping track of the rows............

We had lunch out at my cousin's yesterday and spent a pleasant time sitting in her garden. The flowers in the border were looking particularly brilliant and the sunshine was very welcome. Steven was chilling indoors as I couldn't get him down the step.

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C x said...

The charts in GOL can be a bit tricky to read... they are *tiny*. Have you tried enlarging it on a scanner or at a photocopying place? That may help.

Your shawl has a very different look to it than mine. The hand dyed yarn is lovely. I'm looking forward to seeing how it turns out