Monday, August 08, 2005

Denise Interchangeable

I was having a problem with a scarf I'm knitting in Kidsilk Haze . I've been using some metal needles in old size 7 which were far too heavy for the yarn. Then I remembered my Denise interchangeable needles , much lighter, being plastic, and much more suited to the yarn.

The scarf is progressing much more quickly now.

I'm noticing that the quality of my photos is very poor compared to other people's. It's frightening how quickly a camera becomes outdated, what was mid- range a couple of years ago is not even a beginners camera now. Looks as if I will be spending a bit to get a new one

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Steph said...

Annette, that scarf looks gorgeous! As for your photos, do you edit them with something like Photoshop before you post them? I do with all mine to get the colour balance right, cropping, etc. I guess most people do, so if not I would recommend that you try that before shelling out lots of money on a new camera. A bit of "fixing" can work wonders!