Saturday, March 13, 2010

Still here

Things are calming down a little here. Mum moved into her care home two weeks ago, although things were a bit rough for her to begin with as she had a fall and was very confused. However she is much more herself now, and gradually adapting to her new situation. She has at last remembered how to use her mobile phone, which makes communicating much easier. Surprisingly, none of the staff could help her with it, I thought all young people knew everything about phones.

I have been knitting, although no photos today as I haven't had time to take them. My January socks are finished. I cheated a bit in February as I didn't have much time, so just made some baby bootees. One March sock is finished and the second well on the way. I'm afraid the Mr. Green Jeans has been put on one side as it is coming out far too small for me, sob!

I have some new carers for Steven; they've only been once and are due again tomorrow so time will tell how they work out.

Hope it won't be too long until I update again, hopefully with some photos.


Ambermoggie, a fragrant soul said...

Glad your mum is settling down ok, we are having something similar with Mr Mog's mum who went into care around 6 weeks ago.
Hope the new carers work out ok

Georgina said...

Good job that Spring is finally well and truly underway! I am not sure anyone could teach my mum to use a mobile phine so however it has come about for you Hurrah!! I hope it means you get some quality time for you!!!!

Thrissle said...

I'm glad your Mum is comfortable at last and you now have your house back to normal.
Too bad that the cardigan is coming out too small.. all that beautiful knitting.
I hope to see you at Beatties in the near future