Friday, January 08, 2010

Snowed in

Well, nothing much is happening here due to the snow and icy conditions outside. Steven hasn't gone back to his day centre since Christmas and my mother hasn't visited her care home yet, although they have a vacant room at the moment. Thank goodness for Waitrose delivery service, at least we won't starve.

Plenty of time for knitting, the main part of 'Mr. Greenjeans' is finished, and I'm about to start the sleeves. Also a sock for Steven is completed and the second cast on. I'm using the bargain yarn from Lidl which apparently is not machine washable, so care is going to be needed. How long before I forget and just throw them in the machine with the rest of the wash?

Back to the snow, we've all put out our bins and recycling but whether they will be emptied is another matter. Waitrose, milkman, postie, and my cousin, who is four foot ten, 78years old and walked at least a mile, all managed to get through. But Steven's PAs who are two strapping lads of at least six foot, couldn't manage it. So I didn't get my usual Thursday evening break.


Georgina said...

Interesting isn't it who gets through and who doesn't! Against my strict instructions, my mother aged 87 has twice skated to her corner shop for bread and milk! Dh drove to his school today, past schools that are closed. I don't begrudge anyone a snow day though as I am a complete scaredy cat as soon as there is a hint of slippiness! Hope you are coping, glad to see the needles are busy!!

Steph said...

I love Mr Greenjeans!