Saturday, July 03, 2010


I didn't realise I hadn't Blogged since April, time just seems to slip away.

Knitting is slow at the moment due to this

I foolishly managed to trip and fall over Steven's sling and sprained my wrist, luckily nothing was broken but it has been very painful and incapacitating for two weeks. The worst thing, of course, was difficulty knitting. I had a SANDS blanket half made and progress has continued now the pain is easing. It has a lace edging which was designed to be made separately and stitched on but I'm joining it as I go along, saves all that stitching up afterwards. Also the pattern has a mistake as the last two rows of the edging are reversed.

Mum has settled into her care home and is getting back to her old self although she still isn't very mobile. She is confident in using the lift on her own now, so can go up and down to her room when she wants and has been spending time in the garden as the weather has been glorious.

My garden is very neglected although I do have someone to cut the lawn. I'm also growing tomatoes in a grow bag and these seem to be doing well.

Steven is well at the moment although we have an appointment with a consultant at the end of the month as his breathing is not good at night.

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