Thursday, April 03, 2008

Finished at last

Steven has a new pair of socks. These have been OTNs for far too long, with only an inch and the casting off to do, so I set to last night and finished them. Yarn was Fortissima Socka colour 521. They are fraternal twins as the stripes were too difficult to match up, but Steven won't care.

Completing these of course means I can cast on a pair for myself. ( As if I need any more WIPs!)
When I was in Chester last week I visited Stash and this Kureyon sock yarn jumped into my bag. I've seen a bit written about this on the internet, so now is my chance to try it out.

I'm also somewhat distracted by various charity appeals. I find it difficult to ignore these especially if children are involved. It is also an excuse to use up my ever increasing odd balls. These will hopefully become a blanket for Loving Hands summer challenge.


ambermoggie said...

I love the socks and squares. Do please do a review of the sock yarn for us, I have heard so many conflicting views of how good it is

Steph said...

Great socks, and those squares shoulod look good as a blanket. Does the Noro sock yarn feel scratchy?

RooKnits said...

Looking forward to seeing what you think about the Kureyon, I too have heard conflicting views...
The blanket squares look fab too, as do Stephen' socks.