Sunday, March 30, 2008

Not knitting

I promise, not a mention.
On Tuesday I did a bit of family history research with my cousin and her granddaughter. We possess, in the family, a sampler made by a several greats aunt in 1849, aged 11. ( I can't imagine a modern 11year old having the patience.)The sampler depicts the hymn sung by the school children at the laying of the first stone of St. Peter's church, Cookley, Worcestershire.

Freya was interested in seeing the church mentioned on the sampler, so we went to Cookley and visited St. Peter's Church.

Yesterday, I took this photo of Steven, completely absorbed in the University boat race. He is taking more interest in the television lately, and always has a smile when his favourite weather presenter is on! ( Carole Kirkwood as it happens, I think he should start a fan club!)

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