Wednesday, March 19, 2008


I'm suffering from a bad attack of Startitis at the moment. I've just completed a BSJ for a neighbour's baby. I usually play safe and stick to pastels or bright primary colours, but thought I would step out of my comfort zone for this one. The yarn was Patons Diploma Gold DK.

In addition, I've joined an Elizabeth Zimmermann Knit-along to make a Gull Stitch Sweater. Yarn Elle DK.

I saw a request this morning for baby hats for Ray of Hope so what do you know, I've cast one on!

And finally, a sock for Steven. This is the second one and is my 'knitting on the move', mostly done on public transport.

This is almost finished so next will be socks for myself.


Steph said...

Sometimes you just have to cast on. Again. ;-) Love the BSJ.

Karen said...

Hi there, I got here through th UK knitters blog ring and I love your BSJ too. Startitis is very common, I often catch it.