Monday, July 31, 2006


................ at last. It's pouring down at the moment and I can almost hear the thirsty plants drinking it up. Thank goodness it feels cooler now; it seems a shame to complain about the warm, sunny weather, but I'm afraid I don't cope very well with the heat and find doing anything, mental or physical, quite an effort.
Not much knitting has been done recently. I have managed a couple of squares for the
Knitted River. I'm getting quite a pile now, Fiona from Beatties Knit-Chat has contributed some, and I'm hoping to get others interested before I send them off.

Steven said his formal farewells to everyone at school last Tuesday but on Thursday we met up with some of them again for a visit to Chester zoo. The weather wasn't too oppressive and we managed to see more of the animals than we did last year. Steven particularly enjoyed the Bat Cave. The Orang-utans had several babies who were very active and amusing .........

.......... but the chimpanzees seemed to be suffering from the heat and were resting in the shade.

We also saw these giraffes.

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scarletprincess said...

You're managing to build up quite a collection of knitted squares! I'm glad stephen had a good time at the zoo.