Thursday, August 03, 2006


Just to show that I'm knitting something other than blue squares now that the weather is cooler.

First, Steven's jacket, in Sirdar acrylic, I'm afraid. I'd love to knit for him in 100% hand wash wool, but not very practical for someone who needs clean clothes every day. The pattern is Calum from A Season's Tale, but I'm using double knitting instead of aran, so that it works out smaller.

This is Sandy, from Big Girl Knits, which I'm making for myself. The best thing about this pattern is that the actual sizing and shaping is done last, in the side panels. So that if, I mean when, I lose a large amount of weight before it's finished, I can adjust it to fit. I'm using Colinette Skye, colour Blue Saturn for the front panels.

Sorry I can't show you what I've done so far, but Blogger is playing up and refusing to upload any more pictures.

I've also got the inevitable sock on the go, in Regia stretch, but again I can't show it.

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scarletprincess said...

I'm actually knitting a jaywalker!... The knitting of large things is still kinda at a standstill, but through laziness. I hope stephen is settling in his new daycare xxx