Tuesday, July 11, 2006


We're still plodding along here. The computer is getting slower and slower, and has to get its little torch out to search pathetically for anything in My Computer, luckily it is usually found eventually.
The garden is flourishing. Flowers of the week are the lilies, although they are badly in need of staking.

Steven had his moment of stardom in the school production 'Summer Holiday'. He thoroughly enjoyed himself as you can see. He particularly enjoys the dancing and being whirled around in his chair.

Nothing much happening with the knitting. I'm hoping to send off a parcel of tiny baby wear to Christine at Ray of Hope this week. I've done all the knitting, just the finishing off, buttons and ribbon to add, which I find tedious.
I shall be joining the gang in Beatties at lunchtime to knit and chat, but will have to be careful to avoid the delicious food in the Cafe, especially the carrot cake, as my diet is going pretty well at the moment.

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