Monday, June 05, 2006


This uninvited guest visits my garden frequently. I probably wouldn't welcome him/her if I had lifestock to consider, but as I don't, I just enjoy seeing some wildlife.

I've been sitting outside enjoying a cup of coffee, watching a buzzard circling in the distance and frogs in the pool. This is only two miles from Wolverhampton city centre. A friend who lives in the country says I get more butterflies in my tiny plot than he does on his two acres, as he is surrounded by farmed land and the insecticide sprays reduce the number of insects.

I'm continuing knitting for Ray of Hope and should have a parcel ready to send off soon.

Here are some completed hats in various sizes. The little bob hats are very simple to make and adaptable for different yarns and needles.

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Elly said...

Delightful, love them.