Friday, June 30, 2006


I've been speeding along with another jacket for Steven, Calum from Kim Hargreaves 'A Season's Tale'. It seemed to be rather on the small side so last night I measured it and him, both 32inch chest so it would be a very snug fit. Therefore it is off to the frog pond. Luckily, this is all I've done so far. I think I'll start again with a sleeve, which is in rib, as a change from stocking stitch.

A very tall poplar has been overshadowing my garden for several years but the other morning, a man in an orange hat with a chain saw was halfway up and gradually the view became this --------

-----so now my, admittedly very tiny, vegetable patch can get some light and air and hopefully become productive again.

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scarletprincess said...

Shame about the cardi, but it is lovely. I'll come along tomorrow as I haven't been for a while, though I bet there wont be many of us with steph on hols and rose not in! See you tomorrow,
Fiona x