Thursday, May 04, 2006


............. has suddenly arrived, whatever happened to Spring? I've just been out to mow the lawn, but am having difficulty as the cowslips have taken over and I can't bear to cut them down. I'll just have to wait a while until they've seeded to cut this corner.

I also nearly have an FO. This waistcoat has been around so long, it almost transformed into a UFO. Sadly, I've put on so much weight since I started, it is a very tight fit. However, I'll soldier on, all it needs now is edging, probably crocheted. It is knitted in Alpaca, from the Alpaca Spinner wonderfully soft, and lovely drape, so I hope I can get into it comfortably. The pattern is 'Cinnamon' from 'Knitters', Fall 2004.

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Cherry Rolfe said...

Its so strange isn't it - we have cherry and blackthorn blossoming together and today I have let a Daddy Longlegs and two wasps out of the house two months earlier than usual!
Your garden looks lovely.