Thursday, May 18, 2006

Lilac time

I wish that scents could be transmitted digitally so that I could share this lilac with you. I'm not sure of the variety; I bought it as a miniature and it is now well over six feet tall.
The scent fills the whole garden at this time of year, and it produces a few flowers most of the summer months.

I've just been completing another Baby Surprise Jacket, this time in a tiny size for a prem babies charity. This pattern is so versatile and adaptable. The picture shows three sizes. The smallest 12" chest, 3ply 2.75 needles. The next 14.5"chest, 4ply 3.25 needles. The largest, with added cuffs and awaiting collar, 18.5" chest, double knitting 4 mm needles. This would fit 6-12 months. Using Aran or chunky weight and larger needles you could probably go up to age 3 years.

I purchased the Pattern to be legal and avoid copyright issues, but to be honest found the knitalong easier to follow. There is also a Yahoo group.


Steph said...

The lilac loks beautiful; I wish I could smell it too! Well done on all those surprise jackets - I don't know how you get them done so quickly. :-)

scarletprincess said...

Hi annette, those caridgans are lovely they're so lucky!