Saturday, May 27, 2006

Baby Surplice

I've just completed another EZ baby jacket, this time the Baby Surplice. For some reason I didn't find it such an enjoyable knit as the Baby Surprise. Here it is, with matching hat.

In the garden, the Clematis Montana is putting on a magnificent show as usual, it's a shame that the weather is a bit too damp to go outside and enjoy it.

Yesterday we had a meeting with Steven's paediatrician. The reason for this, was to hand Steven over to the care of an adult physician, but unfortunately it is difficult to find one able to cope with his complex medical needs. The upshot is that if he needs hospital admission I can still take him to the childrens' assessment unit (he has open access) for a while at least, which is a great relief. I wasn't relishing the thought of coping on an adult ward. At least he is small for his age and still very childlike.


RooKnits said...

I love the clematis. My bf has a similar one on his shed roof which has grown from next door. It always looks fabuolus this time of year (and covers the ugly shed!)

Frankie said...

I've read that the transition to adult services can be a real problem for disabled young people - but they say things are now improving in many places. I hope you and Steven find the support you both need.
The clematis looks fantastic. The sun's out here in London today - hope you're getting some sunshine too.

Fred said...

I used to work in NHS and transferring a client from one team to another was always a nightmare and extremely frustrating for us never mind the family so can definitely sympathise with how you are feeling.