Wednesday, December 05, 2007


I think I can safely post some Christmas knitting as I am sure the recipient does not view this blog. This is an adaption of an Alan Dart pattern.

Although he is still earless, he is in a better state than his friend, who appears to have odd legs apart from being rather disjointed. I'm embroidering the eyes instead of using plastic eyes, safer given the youth of their new owners. I find toys are a good way of using up odd balls of acrylic of which I seem to have an indecent amount, the heads and paws are Wendy/Peter Pan Velvet Touch which gives a fabric like finish and is very soft.
It looks as if I will have to venture out into my neglected garden soon, as this arrived yesterday, climbing roses for my bare fence.

The weather isn't very welcoming for outdoor work today, it is raining heavily at the moment and I have to go out to post a birthday card.
And finally, a message for Chris, who is embarking on her first sock. Hope it is going well and have you got to the heel yet?


christhenurse said...

Hello Annette. finally finished my first sock but can@t say it looks anywhere near as lovely as yours! Will be starting the dreaded second sock tomorrow - don't know if I will ever knit socks again but thanks for the impromptu knitting lesson.

Steph said...

Great use for oddballs!