Friday, December 14, 2007


I've actually managed to complete some projects in the last few days. These socks for myself have been hanging around for far too long. My usual toe-up pattern, short row toe and heel with picot edge top (a cast off edge is always too tight.

Then meet the boys, who will be off to their new homes shortly. The pattern was from Alan Dart's Hobby Bear collection with a few adaptions of my own.


Casdok said...

Could do with some socks like that in thie weather!

Steph said...

Those bears look great - what a great way to use up oddballs!

Ela said...

Your knitted bears are soo cute! They turned out excellent! I am sure I'll knit the bears too. Patterns by Alan Dart are perfect. In the season I knitted Santa's Little Helpers. The pattern is by Alan Dart, of course.
Happy New Year 2008!