Friday, November 09, 2007

Stash enhancement

Yesterday, I spent the day at the NEC Hobbycraft show. I volunteered for a couple of hours on the Knit and Natter stand, but didn't have the opportunity to teach anyone to knit. Most visitors knew how to knit already and there were no school parties. The yarn content of the show was minimal but I did make a modest addition to stash. My sock yarn is being used rapidly, so a visit to Web of Wool was essential. The yarn top right contains Bamboo.
I also bought this pack of Jaeger 4ply in the hope, probably vain, that I might get round to making something for myself. The colour is more of a grey/green than it appears in the photo.

And finally, these bootees which are heading off up to Scotland for Lou's Loving Hands charity.
The patterns are from some 1960's Patons and Sirdar leaflets. Somehow, modern patterns are so simplified and crude in comparison. Also, the yarns used nowadays are far thicker and must be heavy and uncomfortable for the babies to wear.


Vicki said...

Gorgeous bootees, I agree entirely about modern patterns. Wouldn't dream of using anything heavier than 4ply myself and love doing little intricate things.

Lou said...

Thanks for the link to Loving Hands - we are getting so many new members these days due to all the wonderful publicity we are having! The christmas challenge to make 100 prem baby cardigans with matching hats and 100 knitted 'boobs' for the breastfeeding project looks like being a success!

Lou said...

Got your parcel yesterday - thank you so much - the wee baby surprise jackets are cool - my committee ladies are now going to try to make them too - if you hear screams coming from the Fife area you will know we are making a right pigs ear of it! We had photographers at our meeting yesterday and hopefully we will be featured in some ladies mags very soon! It was exciting being in Simply Knitting and let's Knit already wonder where we will appear next - knitted boobies in the forefront as always!

Fiona said...

I love the bootees. They look so delicate and soft. I totally agree about modern baby patterns being clunky and awkward... and often far too simplified. Missed you on Tuesday.. hope all is well