Friday, November 02, 2007

Some FOs

Quite a lot of knitting has been going on but not much finishing. Because I hate sewing up, much of it is still in this state............

However, socks need little completing, so these are now in a wearable condition. Yarn was Regia Design Line by Faffe Fassett. I think I would have prefered the colourway without the royal blue.

I've also made a couple of BSJs and matching hats for charity, also needing little seaming.

The yarn was oddments of acrylic from my stash which I am trying to use up without much success, I'm sure it's breeding!
Now something not knitting related. I unearthed the larger of these quilts when I was clearing a space for yarn. I'd had quite forgotten it but think it makes an attractive throw. It must be over twenty years ago that these were made.

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