Friday, May 18, 2007


The ASJ has made progress. I'm finding this an easy knit so far, although I have hit upon a snag. I started the diagonal increases on the first instead of the second row, which means I may not be able to make an invisible join when I start knitting the sleeve extension.
In reply to Helen's comment, the ASJ is worked on a different principle to the BSJ and you need to have the pattern as the size is based on your stitch gauge and your personal measurements so is different for everyone.

There is also progress on the conservatory which has now been plastered and has electricity.

I've also had someone to measure up for flooring to cover the mess the plasterers made.

The bad news this week is that I have strained a muscle in my back. Lots of lovely sitting and knitting you may think. But no, I still have the same household chores to do, Steven to feed and bath, just at half the speed. Hopefully, the Ibuprofen will start to kick in soon.

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